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Our Rotomolding & Thermoforming Services

By bringing together brilliant companies like Elkhart Plastics, Trilogy Plastics, and Ameri-Kart Corp, we offer you unmatched manufacturing capacity, meaning we can handle any job, small or large, simple or complex. Plus, we have more flexibility than most, thanks to our extraordinary range of capabilities and services.

Rotational Molding tools on an arm. The tools are attached to a grate
Myers Industries Locations across the United States

Find us where you need us. With more to come.

With multiple manufacturing sites in the US, we can deliver your parts or product fast while saving on transportation costs. Myers Is one of the few contract and custom molding companies that can offer you the breadth of resources you see on this map. Our broad national footprint features these unmatched services:

We’re in the business of turning your “what-ifs” into “wow”.

Design for Manufacturing

“Wow, that’s smart.”, WOW that’s fast.”, “Wow, you sure made me look good.” Whatever your design, we have the expertise and track record to optimize it for manufacturing. Cheaper. Faster. Stronger. You name it.

We partner with you to make your design “Ready for Roto” or “Tailored for Thermo.” Data points, prototyping, testing. You’ll go into full production with the certainty that you have the most efficient, economical production line possible to make your idea a perfect reality.

We’re bi-lingual: we speak “engineer” & “procurement”.

Because significant results require both.

Contact Myers. We have the experience and expertise to:

  • Improve effectiveness of operations.
  • Discover efficiencies that save money and time.
  • Condense time to market.
  • Accelerate onboarding with a market-leading record for stability, reliability, and performance.
  • Run your project turnkey.
  • Offer deep data reporting and transparency with a high-touch / high-visibility approach when desired.

From Design to Manufacturing

We can quickly produce any of your plastic molded products, and our in-house design and engineering support are there to create, test, and mold your design.

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