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Here are four great reasons to consider Myers rotomolding:

  • Optimize an existing plastic product or part for better, less expensive, or faster manufacturing
  • Convert to affordable plastic from an expensive material like metal, fiberglass, or wood
  • Eliminate assembly headaches by making a complex, multipiece product or part in a single mold
  • Bring a custom idea to life AND optimize it for efficient manufacturing
Custom Small to Large Rotational molded Parts

Why rotomolding is preferred over other manufacturing methods:

  • Lower production and material cost
  • Design versatility
  • High-quality parts
  • Shorter lead times
  • Less waste
  • Faster mold production
  • Stress-free parts

The end product range is vast

  • Big or Small: Rotomolding can be used to make parts as large as a 50-gallon gas tank on a 50-ton wheel loader or as small as that little plastic mold in the dentist’s office. With variations in the type of plastic, the wall thicknesses, and the finishes, the possibilities for rotomolding are virtually endless.
  • Complex or Simple: Some rotomolded parts are simple, like a 4-foot plastic road barrier. But some are complex, like a hospital nurse’s rolling diagnostic cart with bins for supplies and locking drawers for pharmaceuticals. Rotomolding can sometimes eliminate the need for assembly by perfecting molds that cast products in a single piece that is stronger, more durable, and less expensive to make.
  • Beast or Beauty: Some rotomolded products are designed and engineered to be no-nonsense, rugged, durable, and tough enough to withstand weather, wind, and abuse. Others are designed to have sophisticated graphics, refined finishes, and true-to-brand colors. Myers has the art and science experts and resources to deliver the beauty and the beast of rotomolding.

Custom rotomolding  solutions

Our process is customizable: turnkey and hands-off or shoulder-to-shoulder embedded and transparent.

In fact, Myers is one of the very few rotomolders in the US with the engineers, technologies, equipment, and protocols to deliver the full range of rotomolded solutions regardless of size, design, or finish with reliable quality and efficiency.