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Myers Atlantic, IA Rotomold plant

Myers - Atlantic

Rotational Molding and more

Myers Engineered Solutions is a division of Myers’s diversified material handling business

The Myers Atlantic facility engineers, designs, and manufactures custom rotomolded plastic solutions for various industries. Rough-and-tumble rugged parts or products with refined sophistication, Myers is one of the few rotomolders in the US with the talent and world-class resources to deliver the full range of plastic rotomolded solutions regardless of size, complexity or finishes with reliable quality and efficiency.

  • Lower your production or material costs
  • Gain design versatility
  • Improve quality, shorten lead times, and more.

From the size of a golf ball to large tanks, we make products requiring tight-tolerances, high complexity, and protective packaging; you name it all with quality control regimens that others cannot duplicate.

Large rotomold machine with four arms
Rotomold secondary part assemble

Contact – Atlantic, Iowa

1501 Owner Ave
Atlantic, IA 50022

Manufacturing Facility Full Range of Rotomolding Services – large to small parts:

  • Design & Engineering
  • Mold Making
  • Manufacturing
  • Secondary Assembly
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product Storage and Shipping

Careers at Myers– Atlantic