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ISO 9001 2015
ISO 14001 2015

The Myers Difference in DEF Tanks

Since implementing DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and SCR systems in Europe and the U.S., we have developed custom DEF/Adblue tanks alongside numerous OEMs to provide on-vehicle solutions. Our skilled engineers work with you to create a custom mold that fits the unique shape needed for your product. We can design a tank to fit your needs regardless of size and complexity.

Manufacturing Execution System: At Myers, we not only promise accuracy, precision, and quality – we prove it with systems that collect data, proof errors, and ensure traceability, including:

  • Unique identifying barcodes
  • Real-time tank status & in-station error proofing
  • Powerful reporting tools & analytics
  • Product traceability with detailed manufacturing data
  • A perfect tank almost every time, and detailed records for reference and evaluation if not.
  • Header Attachments: Need header attachments? Our team is equipped to handle all of your unique requirements.
  • Order Volumes: We pride ourselves on adaptability and customer service. With nine locations nationwide, we manage orders of all volumes ranging from 100 to thousands.
  • Header Sensors: We utilize the most capable header sensors on the market through unique supplier partnerships. Sensor headers measure the temperature and quantity of the tank’s fluid level and monitor the urea solution’s quality. We have multiple sensor geometries available for custom applications.

Proprietary DEF Tanks

In addition to custom tanks, Myers is proud to offer a line of proprietary “off-the-shelf,” fully-integrated DEF tanks. These come complete with remote-fill solutions, spill trays, and unique and diverse valve and venting systems. Our six proprietary tank solutions ranging from 5 to 15 gallons in both vertical and horizontal, enable you to easily configure a tank and header for various applications with fast lead times and shipping. For more information, download the DEF tank brochure.