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ISO 9001 2015
ISO 14001 2015

The Myers Difference in RV Holding Tanks

The holding tanks shown here safely contain the gray water (water from the sink and shower drains that lack solids or any nasty stuff) and the black water (septic water from toilets) with quality designs to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance as well as complete and safe drainage into designated sewer systems.

All Myers waste tanks are CSA approved, and our standard sizes fit most RV designs. If you wonder if a custom design might save time, money, or headaches in the long run, never forget that Myers is the #1 custom molder in the US. From concept to creation, our engineers will meet your specs while delighting your procurement officers with speed to market and efficient, economical production, plus storage and shipping.

We are a manufacturer primarily serving OEMs. We do not provide individual products to consumers.