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Thermoforming Your Parts

Depending on your project’s requirements, such as fire ratings or heat-tolerances, and your location, your parts will be manufactured at one of our state-of-the-art facilities. Myers Industries provides comprehensive thermoforming solutions tailored to meet every customer’s unique needs. While we have the capability to produce parts of varying complexity, this Is the fundamental process:

  • Load the Material: A sheet of thermoplastic material is loaded into the thermoforming machine.
  • Heat the Material: The material is heated until it becomes pliable and ready for forming.
  • Form the Material: The heated material is then formed into the desired shape by being pressed against a mold using a vacuum or pressure.
  • Cool the Material: The formed part is then cooled to harden the material and ensure it maintains the desired shape.
  • Trim and Finish: Once cooled, the part is trimmed and finished to remove any excess material and achieve the final shape.