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Advantages of Thermoforming

  • Design flexibility: Complex geometries, undercuts, varying wall thicknesses: the flexibility of thermoforming molds easily accommodates design changes.
  • Cost-effective: Thermoforming molds are less complex, and can be produced faster and with less material than other processes like blow or injection molding, making it cost-effective for producing parts in large quantities.
  • Material selection: ABS, PET, PVC, polycarbonate, and more—engineers can choose the best material for their application, including durability, strength, and chemical resistance specs.
  • Production speed: Thermoforming production times range from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size and complexity of the part. Thermoforming is perfect when quick turnaround times are important.
  • Sustainability: Thermoforming uses only the material required to produce the part, with minimal scrap or excess material. Plus, many thermoplastic materials are recyclable, making them environmentally friendly, too.
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Need a Custom Job Done?
You’ve Found the Right Place.

Myers Industries is a full-service Custom Thermoformer specializing in Vacuum Forming and Twin Sheet Thermoforming.

  • We handle extruded material sheet sizes up to W80” x L125” at 0.06” to 0.50” gauge thickness with the ability to create parts at ~36” in depth.
  • Our Twin Sheet machine handles mold dimensions up to W74” X L98” up to gauge of 0.5” thick, creating parts up to ~36” in depth.
  • We have many materials, such as ABS, HDPE, HMWPE, and TPO in various colors and patterned designs.
  • We offer many finishes and textures: hair cell, smooth, low, and high glosses, capped, UV.