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Rotational Molding material processing and more

Myers Engineered Solutions material processing

Myers Engineered Plastic Solutions is a Myers diversified material handling and distribution division.  With over 2400 employees across a range of distribution and manufacturing, Myers offers the stability and deep resources to unlock increasingly greater value for our customers and people. Come to Myers for solutions to your rotomolding and thermoforming needs, with other capabilities coming on board in the future. 

        The Myers, White Pigeon facility uniquely ensures Myers customers that the plastic used in their Myers rotomolded products will be top-notch, thanks to our ability to consistently provide the best raw materials available. The White Pigeon pulverizing facility provides PE (polyethylene) powder to Myers molding locations with unmatched Supply Chain strength and raw material quality control for every end-product and part.   

Rotomold resin material
Rotational Molding tools on an arm. The tools are attached to a grate

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